A downloadable game for Windows

Miku Entertainment 2 is a free virtual reality experience which combines a vocaloid concert and controls similar to a music player application.

Features include (but not limited to):

  • 30+ performances, each with unique music and animation.
  • Controls for audio speed & equalization, VFX, lighting, etc.
  • Change your own size to anything between a figurine and a giant.
  • Works with SteamVR controller, gamepad or keyboard.

Credit for characters, models, animation and music goes to their original creators (see readme file).

Install instructions

-SteamVR needs to be installed and VR headset plugged in.

1. Download the zip and extract the files

2. Run Miku Entertainment 2.exe


me2-win.zip 455 MB
Version 1 Nov 07, 2018


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This was so cool! Love it!